VivAlto for Kids is a project from the heart, it’s our way to give back and help our future generation get educated through the use of technology. We strongly believe that having access to the internet is a life changing tool and is essential to bigger opportunities. Since the beginning of our business we knew we wanted to create an organization for kids, we just had to establish VivAlto Media first and create a solid foundation. Three years later on 2021, this dream has started, we are ready to start changing the lives of thousands of kids by receiving donations. We are happy to soon announce the organization we have teamed up to make this mission possible, let’s just say that we have chosen to help our hometown kids of Colombia. This is super exciting for us and for the kids that will receive all types of technology devices to connect to the world and incorporate to their daily lives and education. Computers, tablets or phones are all welcomed, they don’t have to be new but in good condition and able to use. Remember we are sending overseas so it is important to make sure it works. Please contact us at or DM at our Instagram account if you want to contribute. We will send all the information to donate and answer all questions. If you prefer to donate money to buy devices you can always do it through our Go Fund Me account. Remember every dollar counts! Thank you for joining and supporting our kids. We don’t want followers, we want warm hearts!